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{ What Is A Grimoire? }

Mostly the terms Book of Shadows (or Book of Light) or Grimoire are used interchangeably.

A Grimoire and a Book of Shadows will both will contain a lot of the same  information - basically all your witchcraft research, such as:

  • Spells
  • rituals
  • tools
  • correspondences
  • herbs
  • crystals
  • sabbats
Technically, the main difference is that a Book of Shadows will also include more personal information, such as records, dreams and thoughts.

{ What Should You Have? } 

Basically - whichever you want!

It is really up to you to decide. There's many factors to consider, and a few options. These are some suggestions, but like everything, this is your path. 


What will you call your book? 

  • This will probably be decided by what you want to include in your book. 
  • Some witches will have either a Grimoire or a Book of Shadows. 
  • Some witches will have both to separate the two areas.

    What do you want it to look like? 
    • Some prefer computer versions of their grimoire. This is great idea for a few reasons. You can freely edit and add knowledge as your learn. You can keep multiple copies - use your tablet during a spell, edit on your phone. You can add pictures you find online or take pictures of your rituals as you go. 
    • Some prefer a ring-bound version of their grimoire. This is also handy  as you can move pages around, add sections, and add pages. 
    • Some prefer to have multiple books for different areas of knowledge. Or a second book once the first one is full. 
    • Some like to have very decorative heirloom books that will be passed down through the generations. 

      How will you decorate? 
      • Do you like to decorate your pages, stick pictures in, stick flowers and herbs inside? Do you tea stain your pages?
      • Do you want to bind your own book

        Is your grimoire private? 
        • Do you share your grimoire with others, or is it for your eyes only


        { Protection }

        Protect your books by placing herbs between the pages. Herbs will physically protect (by stopping vermin eating the pages) and spiritually protect your books. 

        Use herbs such as:


          { Want to know more? }

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