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Portability • Discretion •  Essentials

Visit our curated collection of beautiful wooden Travel Altars in the store. Every witch needs a travel altar for those days away from home. 

{ What Is A Travel Altar? }

Every witch needs a travel altar! A travel altar allows you to create a sacred space wherever you go. 

A small wooden box makes an ideal travel altar - they are small and lightweight, perfect for tucking into your bag. If you want even more lightweight, choose a large drawstring bag. Other ideas include tins, lunch boxes, and tool boxes. 

You can go as large or as compact as you like! You can have multiple travel altars. Personally I have 2 travel altar boxes and a travel pouch. 


Travel altars are perfect for:

  • Storage: of a few small essentials - e.g. jars of herbs, resins and powders, a candle, mini tarot deck, some palo santo and some crystals (depending on the size you buy). 

  • Discretion: sometimes we don't want our witchy supplies to be seen by certain people.

  • Portability: even if you don't travel very far or very often, it's great to have a portable box of essentials, and a lot of people use a travel altar as a portable outside altar. Take your magic outside! 


If discretion and privacy is a concern, you could use a faux book box. This is a box disguised as a book - perfect for hiding your altar inside. 


{ What's In My Travel Altar? }

I do change the jars around depending on if I am planning on doing any spells or rituals while away.

I usually carry in my travel altar:


{ What Else Could You Include? }

  • An altar cloth - this not only is useful in ritual or meditation, but it also keeps everything secure inside the travel altar. 
  • Amulets & charms - e.g. a pentagram 
  • Deities 
  • Items to represent the elements 
  • More candles 
  • A mini journal 
  • Anything you want! 

{ Want to know more? }

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{ Want to go shopping? }

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