Travel Pouch


Protection  Grounding • Raising Vibration 

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{ What Is A Travel Pouch? }

A travel pouch is similar to a travel altar, but for me - a bit smaller and not really any ingredients or equipment for spellwork. It's more like my everyday essentials

I use a black drawstring bag for my travel pouch, and keep it in my handbag with me so I have it at all times. I can easily move it between bags too. 

Obviously I carry other witchy items around, and I switch crystals at times or add some items, like salt. But this would be a good idea of what I like to carry around all the time. 


{ What Is Inside My Travel Pouch? }

Inside my pouch is:

  • Palo SantoI use palo santo daily to protect my energy, to cleanse my tools and crystals, and to raise my vibration. 
  • Black tourmaline: i use Black Tourmaline for protection from negativity and psychic vampires
  • Tiger's eyeI use tiger's eye for protection and to encourage more positive thoughts. 
  • Selenite: to keep my crystals cleansed
  • Turquoise: Turquoise is great for protection for travel, prosperity
  • Black onyx pendulum: I used a pendulum for guidance on pretty much everything! 

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