4" Medium Cast Iron Cauldrons w/ Lid & Handle (4 Types)

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These are among the medium cauldrons in our range. They are perfect for burning resins on a charcoal brick, burning sage, bay leaves and paper, and for holding a burning sage or palo santo stick. Medium cauldrons are a great size for most ritual purposes involving fire, scrying over water, and a great replacement for the traditional witches' hearth.


{ Details }

  • Approximately 4" x 4"
  • Beautifully crafted 
  • Classic solid cast iron 
  • Includes lid and handle 
  • 3 thick legs (3 representing the Triple Goddess / Moon)
  • These cauldrons are all individually sand molded leading to each cauldron being unique from every other.
  • Made in a two part casting process - seams may be visible and rough on some cauldrons
{ Choose between }
  • Plain
  • Pentagram
  • Triple Moon
  • Triquetra