Hand Poured Cat Familiar Figure Candles (8 Types)

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Beautifully made candle with cat familiar.

Use cat candles for spells & rituals involving attracting good luck, coming out of tough situations on your feet, success

Candles as a common tool in spellcraft and ritual is actually fairly new due to the cost of candles in the past. These days, candles are inexpensive and therefore quite popular. Almost every ritual or spell will involve a candle in one way or another, and different colors and shapes are used in different spells.


{ Candle colors }

Choose a color for your specific purpose. White candles are the most useful as they can be substituted for any candle color or used when you aren’t sure what color to use.

BLACK: banishment, protection, strength, reversing spells, hex-breaking, getting rid of negativity and negative influences

GREEN: money, wealth, prosperity and abundance, accomplishing goals, growing plants, attracting luck, greed, resentment, fertility problems, employment matters, getting a new job, attracting luck, end bad luck, end bad streaks

RED: strength and vigor, rejuvenating energy, stamina, willpower, courage, passion, sexual love, enthusiasm, warding off enemies, becoming more attractive, quick results, domination, sexual energy, love 

WHITE: cleansing homes, purification, harmony, invoking spirits, summoning guides, angels, improving communication, can be used to substitute all color


{ Candle Preparation }

It is important to always prepare your candle by:

  • wiping it clean
  • charging it with intention
  • carving it with a pin, knife or more traditionally, a rose thorn - with personal symbols, desires, runes, astrological signs, anything personal to you and the spell
  • and dressing it - anointing with dressing oil, and sometimes rolled in herbs


{ Candles are also used for }

  • Specific spellwork according to shape and/or color
  • Burning - bay leaves, paper 
  • Representing the element fire or air
  • Marking your circle 

The candle is said to contain all the elements – earth (wax), water (melted wax), flame (fire) and air (smoke) so it is very sacred. 


{ Details } 

  • Embedded wick runs the full length of the candle
  • Hand poured 
  • Sizes, colors, and shapes may vary slightly.
  • Made from a hard 100% paraffin / micro base wax.


{ Choose between }

  • Black 5.5"
  • Black 6-7"
  • Green 5.5"
  • Green 6-7"
  • Red 5.5"
  • Red 6-6"
  • White 5.5"
  • White 6-7"