Medium Altar Cloth (2 Types)
Medium Altar Cloth (2 Types)

Medium Altar Cloth (2 Types)

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An altar cloth is a beautiful way to adorn your altar space. 

{ You can use altar cloths in many ways }

  • You can place it upon your altar table or practice space
  • You can hang the altar cloth above your altar or in your practice space as a beautiful wall decoration
  • You can wrap your tarot and oracle cards inside the cloth
  • You can use an altar cloth as a beautiful divination space to deal your tarot or oracle cards, or add some paper labels ("yes" "no") for a pendulum reading 
  • Altar cloths can also be used as part of your portable / travel altar if you like to work outside, or if you travel a lot. You can use it to define your space, and place upon it  any tools and crystals you are working with. 


{ Details }

  • Size: 24" x 24"
  • Beautifully ornate
  • 100% rayon
  • Heavy Black fabric with gold & silver detail design and fringing
{ Choose between }
  • Triple Moon Pentagram
  • Triquetra