Bloodstone Pyramid Crystal (25-30mm)

Bloodstone Pyramid Crystal (25-30mm)

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Pyramid crystals are such an easy and beautiful way to use the magic of Crystal Healing in your every day life. Pyramids will both anchor energy (because of the 4 sides), and direct energy (because of the point). 

{ Pyramids work so well }

  • In the center of a crystal grid to amplify the intention 
  • Placed around the home to raise the vibration
  • In Crystal Healing, focused on Chakras

{ How do you choose which one to buy? }

  • Gemstones you are drawn to intuitively 
  • Colors which speak to you 
  • Click on each crystal and see if it's what you need in your life


{ Details }

  • Colors, patterns and sizes will vary due to the nature of crystals 
  • Size: approximately 25-30mm