Charcoal Discs (4 Sizes)

Charcoal Discs (4 Sizes)

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{ Charcoal discs are ideal for burning }

  • loose incense
  • resins
  • herbs
  • other botanical ingredients

Charcoal discs are self-igniting as they contain saltpetre (potassium nitrate) which makes them stay lit. As soon as you light it, you will see tiny sparks appear. The easiest way to light the charcoal is by holding it with charcoal tongs over a candle. Just be careful, it burns very hot. 


{ Details }

  • Foil packages 
  • If you'd like to get more uses from a single disc (for example, for a daily gratitude practice) - many people like to break the discs into pieces. The 40mm is ideal for this as it is quite large. 


{ Choose between }

  • 33mm (10 discs)
  • 33mm (100 discs) 
  • 40mm (10 discs)
  • 40mm (100 discs)