Charged, Anointed & Inscribed Intention Ritual Spell Candles (32 Types)

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Candles as a common tool in spellcraft and ritual is actually fairly new due to the cost of candles in the past. These days, candles are inexpensive and therefore quite popular. Almost every ritual or spell will involve a candle in one way or another, and different colors and shapes are used in different spells.


{ Candle colors }

Choose a color for your specific purpose. The intentions and purposes are outlined below. They are ready for you to use. 


{ Candle Preparation }

  • These candles have already been charged, anointed, and inscribed in Theban by a witch.
The candle is said to contain all the elements – earth (wax), water (melted wax), flame (fire) and air (smoke) so it is very sacred. 


{ Details } 

  • 7" candle
  • Burn time is approximately 1" per hour


{ Choose between }

  • Attract Nature Spirits - created to rouse the powerful nature spirits around you
  • Attract Perfect Mate - created to attract your perfect mate and draw them into your life
  • Attract Soul Mate - created to attract your soul mate and draw them to you
  • Centering - created to bring calm & stillness to yourself and your surroundings
  • Dynamic Sun - created to harness the sun for awakening and energy
  • Empowerment - created to give a magical and energetic boost to your endeavors
  • Find Your Place - created to take a journey of self discovery and explore where you fit within the world around you
  • Flow With Life - created to help you live more comfortably with the ebb and flower of life's natural give and take
  • Get What You Want - created to aid you to get what you truly desire out of life
  • Glamour - created to help your inner beauty shine through for all to see
  • Glory Runic - a powerful aid intended for you to find success and glory in your endeavors
  • Go In Peace - created to help set the spirits of our departed loved ones free from earthly attachments. A ritual tool intended to help both the living and the dead find comfort 
  • Guardian Runic - created to protect you from harmful influences within and without using the Futhark runes
  • Healing - created to help bring healing energy to those who need it
  • Hope Runic - gives you a powerful ritual tool for hope using the Futhark runes
  • Journey - carved with Futhark runes to help your initiation and guide your own magical journey and transformation
  • Justice - created to ensure that justice is served either in court or in life
  • Love - created to help you call out to the world for love in any and every way you seek it
  • Lust - created to draw upon deep passions to inspire desire and lust, empowering your spell of desire and seduction
  • New Beginnings - created to help you to break off all of your negative past influence and open yourself to new beginnings 
  • Nirvana - created for meditation and astral projection
  • Overcome Addictions - created to help you resist temptations and to overcome bad habits
  • Overcome Depression - created to awaken and joy again 
  • Prosperity - created to bring wealth and success into your life
  • Protection - created to offer protection against spirits, negative energy, curses and other things 
  • Releasing - created to help you let go of the negative energy, events and aspects of your life that linger and make you lose your way
  • Return To Sender - created to help you send all unwanted energy or negative intentions back to the sender
  • Secret Desire Fulfilled - created to help your known and secret desires come true
  • Time Mastery - created to help you become more attuned to time so that you can make the best use of it
  • Union Runic - created for potent love spells using Futhark runes
  • Vision - created to help us see all the possibilities that are before us
  • Wholeness Runic - created to help your heal your spiritual and physical being, mind body and spirit