Charm Gemstone Round 8mm Bead Bracelets (13 Types)

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Wearing crystals & gemstones is such an easy and beautiful way to use the magic of Crystal Healing in your every day life. Don't be afraid to stack up! The more the better we say! 

{ How do you choose which one to buy? }

  • Gemstones you are drawn to intuitively 
  • Colors which speak to you 
  • Click on each crystal and see if it's what you need in your life

Try: being on an elastic string (although strong & durable), it's inevitable that one day these babies will break. You can either restring them, or put the beads aside in a jar. Use these beads on spell jars, spell bowls and spell bags! 


Beautiful yet simple beaded bracelets with matching charms. Easy to wear and stack! 

{ Details }

  • 8mm bead gemstones 
  • Strung on a strong & durable elastic string
  • Approximately 2 1/2" unstretched  
  • Comes with a silver toned charm (see descriptions) 


{ Choose between }

  • Amethyst & Clear Quartz w/ Flower of Life
  • Angelite & Clear Quartz w/ Angel
  • Bloodstone & Clear Quartz w/ Dragon
  • Chevron Amethyst & Clear Quartz w/ Lotus
  • Evil Eye & Clear Quartz w/ Hand of Fatima
  • Green Aventurine & Clear Quartz w/ Celtic Knot
  • Lapis & Clear Quartz w/ Pentagram
  • Lava & Kunzite w/ Infinity
  • Lava w/ Black Agate Pyramid
  • Lava w/ Opalite Pyramid
  • Rhodonite & Clear Quartz w/ Heart 
  • Tiger's Eye & Clear Quartz w/ Tree of Life
  • Turquoise & Clear Quartz w/ Feather