Copal Resin (4 Sizes)

Copal Resin (4 Sizes)

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Resin is undiluted and unaltered sap from trees. They release an intense scent and are considered “top shelf” incense in comparison to sticks and cones. Resins have been used since at least 1500 BC in incense for healing, meditation, protection, purification and ritual.


{ Copal resin is used for }

  • purification
  • consecration
  • making contact with the other planes
  • exorcism rites

    Burn the copal resin on charcoal discs. The easiest way to light the charcoal is by holding it with charcoal tongs over a candle. Just be careful, it burns very hot. 


    { Details }

    • Granular incense 


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