Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid Altar Cloth (4 Types)

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An altar cloth is a beautiful way to adorn your altar space.  These particular altar cloths are perfect for using in Crystal Grids.

Crystal grids are an amazing manifestation and intention tool. Crystal grids are used for directing the flow of energy outward for a specific purpose, or for changing the energy in a space. 

{ How to use }

Think about your intention and research crystals that support this intention. Smoke cleanse your grid and crystals. Charge the grid by setting your intention - you can say your intention out loud if you are comfortable. Start creating your grid by placing a centerpiece crystal in the middle of the grid. Next, place any supporting crystals you want around the point. Use the design of the grid design to guide you. Lastly, sit and focus your energy on your intention, visualize yourself already having this desire in your life. Visit your grid daily if you can. I like to burn incense next to my grid. You can also add fresh flowers, candles, herbs etc. Let your intuition guide you. 


{ You can use altar cloths in many ways }

  • You can place it upon your altar table or practice space
  • You can hang the altar cloth above your altar or in your practice space as a beautiful wall decoration
  • You can wrap your tarot and oracle cards inside the cloth
  • You can use an altar cloth as a beautiful divination space to deal your tarot or oracle cards, or add some paper labels ("yes" "no") for a pendulum reading 
  • Altar cloths can also be used as part of your portable / travel altar if you like to work outside, or if you travel a lot. You can use it to define your space, and place upon it  any tools and crystals you are working with. 

{ Details }

  • Size: 18" x 18"
  • Beautifully ornate
  • 100% cotton cloth
{ Choose between }
  • Sacred Geometry - Flower of Life
  • Sacred Geometry - Metron's Cube
  • Sacred Geometry - Seed of Life 
  • Sacred Geometry - Tree of Life