Alfalfa Leaf Dried (3 Sizes)
Alfalfa Leaf Dried (3 Sizes)
Alfalfa Leaf Dried (3 Sizes)

Alfalfa Leaf Dried (3 Sizes)

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ALFALA (Medicago sativa) 

Alfalfa is a perennial herb, with flowers ranging from yellow to violet-blue, with spiralling seed pods. Dried alfalfa leaf has a fresh, green scent.

{ Other names } 

Lucerne, Buffalo Herb, Purple Medic 

{ Herbal properties of alfalfa leaf }

Alfalfa leaf is grown for its medicinal and nutritional properties and is considered more useful as a food more than a medicine. It is used by herbalists for menopause, menstruation problems, energy boosting, boosting nutrients

{ Herbal Lore }

Pliny (AD 23-79) recorded that alfalfa was brought to Greece by the King of Persia Darius (550-486 BC) during his attempt to conquer Athens. It is said that storing a jar of alfalfa in your pantry ensure an abundance of food for the household.

{ Magickal properties of alfalfa leaf }

Use alfalfa leaf for spells & rituals involving prosperity, money, luck, abundance of food, protection 

{ Spell Lore }

  • Make an infusion with alfalfa leaf for the magickal or healing properties.
  • Include alfalfa leaf in your spellwork, spell jars or spell bags if the properties suit your purposes.
  • Use alfalfa leaf in your candle work - sprinkle the herb around your candle, or grind the herb into a powder in a mortar & pestle and sprinkle. You could even roll powdered herbs onto anointed candles. Always practice candlework safely.
  • Sprinkle alfalfa leaf around the base of a prosperity candle.
  • Make a little spell jar of alfalfa leaf for your pantry - it is said that a household will have an abundance of food if there is a jar of dried alfalfa in the pantry. Don't use this for cooking - simply keep it in your pantry. 
  • To protect your property - burn some alfalfa leaf and then scatter the ashes around the boundaries. 

{ Details } 

  • Dried cut alfalfa leaf
  • For incense mix, burning on charcoal discs, spell work, ritual work, spell bags, spell jars, tea
  • Store in a tightly sealed container in a cool, dark place
  • See pictures for how to use in your witchcraft

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