Lodestones & Lodestone Food
Lodestones & Lodestone Food

Lodestones & Lodestone Food

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Lodestone (known as magnetite) are pieces of magnetic iron ore. They are known as the magical bridge between what is stone and what is iron. Because of this, they are considered to have transcendentally powerful magic energy.

{ Lodestones work so well in manifestation }

Lodestones attract and draw good fortune, money, success and love.


{ How to feed lodestone }

Lodestones love to be fed Lodestone Food to keep them replenished. This is fine iron shot filling (magnetic sand).  Lodestone Food possesses a drawing power of its own and can be used in many attraction spells with it without a lodestone. 


{ Details } 

  • Packets sold by weight 
  • Sizes and shapes of each lodestone will vary


{ Choose between }

  • Natural Lodestone 100 oz
  • Natural Lodestone 1 lb
  • Lodestone Food  4 oz
  • Lodestone Food 1 lb