Marshmallow Root Dried (3 Sizes)

Marshmallow Root Dried (3 Sizes)

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MARSHMALLOW (Althea officinalis) 

Marshmallow is a downy perennial with thick white roots, heart-shaped leaves and pink flowers.

{ Other names }

Schloss Tea, Mortification Root

{ Herbal properties of marshmallow root }

Herbalists use marshmallow for its soothing effects, particularly of the mucous membranes. The root helps ease stomach acid and has a laxative effect. Marshmallow infusions help coughs and asthma internally, and externally can be applied to help soothe inflamed skin. 

{ Herbal Lore }

Marshmallow root was used medicinally in a sweet wine for coughs, as reported by Theophrastus in ~300 BC. 

{ Magickal properties of marshmallow root  }

Use marshmallow root for spells & rituals involving cleansing, love, protection, stimulating psychic powers, humanity, dispelling evil spirits, attract good spirits, beneficence, maternal energies

{ Spell Lore }

  • Make a decoction with marshmallow root for the magickal or healing properties.
  • Include marshmallow root in your spellwork, spell jars or spell bags if the properties suit your purposes.
  • Use marshmallow root in your candle work - grind the herb into a powder in a mortar & pestle and sprinkle. Always practice candlework safely. 

{ Details } 

  • Dried marshmallow root
  • For incense mix, burning on charcoal discs, spell work, ritual work, spell bags, spell jars, tea
  • Store in a tightly sealed container in a cool, dark place
  • See pictures for how to use in witchcraft

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