Mullein Leaf Dried Cut (3 Sizes)

Mullein Leaf Dried Cut (3 Sizes)

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MULLEIN (Verbascum thapsus)

Mullein is an upright perennial with slightly hairy, grey-green oval to lance-shaped leaves, and spikes of bright yellow flowers. 

{ Other names }

Aaron's Rod, Blanket Weed

{ Herbal properties of mullein leaf }

Herbalists use mullein for coughs, catarrh and as an infusion to induce mucus formation. Mullein used externally is a good wound healer. 

{ Herbal Lore }

Mullein has a long history of magickal use. 

{ Magickal properties of mullein leaf }

Use mullein leaf for spells & rituals involving preventing nightmares, courage, driving enemies away

{ Spell Lore }

  • Make an infusion with mullein leaf for the magickal or healing properties.
  • Include mullein leaf in your spellwork, spell jars or spell bags if the properties suit your purposes.
  • Use mullein leaf in your candle work - sprinkle the herb around your candle, or grind the herb into a powder in a mortar & pestle and sprinkle. You could even roll powdered herbs onto anointed candles. Always practice candlework safely.
  • Make a pouch for under your pillow to prevent nightmares.

{ Details } 

  • Dried cut mullein leaf
  • For incense mix, burning on charcoal discs, spell work, ritual work, spell bags, spell jars, tea
  • Store in a tightly sealed container in a cool, dark place
  • See pictures for how to use in witchcraft

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