Palo Santo Box of 5 (2 Types)

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Palo Santo is used for protection and cleansing of both aura and physical space. It protects against negative energy, raising your vibration, is grounding and heals emotional scars.


{ Details } 

  • Contains 5 natural, raw wood sticks in a box.
  • Manufacturing process: The wood is hand harvested from Palo Santo trees that died naturally in the Amazon rainforest. Strict local laws forbid logging Palo Santo.
  • Sustainable harvested in Ecuador: part of the profits go toward financing the Palo Santo Reforestation Project. 
  • The packages are made from 100 percent recycled, unbleached cardboard. 


{ Choose between } 

  • Standard 
  • Premium - These premium sticks are extremely rare and come from branches that never touched the earth after the tree died naturally, enabling the aromatic oils and its healing properties to intensify even more. Due to this wood’s rarity, these sticks are not always available.