Palo Santo Runes Set

Palo Santo Runes Set

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Palo Santo is used for protection and cleansing of both aura and physical space. It protects against negative energy, raising your vibration, is grounding and heals emotional scars. 

This rune set is made from beautiful palo santo wood. 

Raise your vibration while getting the answers you seek and each rune you choose comes with the wonderful scent of the "Holy Wood". 


{ Details }

  • Hand made by artisans in South America 
  • Natural toned drawstring pouch
  • No guidebook included
  • Manufacturing process: The wood is hand harvested from Palo Santo trees that died naturally in the Amazon rainforest. Strict local laws forbid logging Palo Santo.
  • Sustainably harvested and proceeds from the sale fund the reforestation of palo santo trees.