Pillar Candle Holders (6 Types)

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Here are some beautiful witchy holders especially designed to fit pillar candles. A beautiful addition to your altar or sacred space. 


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  • Black - This gorgeous black pillar holder is from Crystal Journey Candles, designed for their Herbal Magic Reiki Charged Pillar Spell Candles3.5" tall and fits pillars up to 3" wide.
  • Brass Spike - This lovely brass candle holder uses a spike to hold candles in place. Fits candles between a 7/8" base up to a 3" base. Measures: 1 3/4" x 3 1/8".
  • Brass Taper / Pillar - These brass holders were designed to fit regular taper candles and small pillar candles. They will hold a single 3/8" wide candle, such as the Herbal Magic Reiki Charged Pillar Spell Candles. 5" base. 
  • Brass Universal - This is a super handy pillar holder - it can fit narrow taper candles, 1.5" diameter pillar candles & any other candles 4 5/8".
  • Soapstone - This is a super handy candle holder. It can fit a variety of candle sizes - tealights, pillars, tapers. This is made from natural soapstone, so the colors will vary from the picture. Measures: 2.5" base and 4.5" top.
  • Zodiac - A gorgeous silver toned plate with the zodiac symbols around the edge. Use this plate as either a candle plate or an incense plate. Measures: 5" across the top with a 3" candle space.