Purification Gemstones Therapy Kit & Bag

Purification Gemstones Therapy Kit & Bag

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Carrying crystals is such an easy way to use the magic of Crystal Healing in your every day life. Tumbled stones are great as they can slip into your pocket or drawstring pouch quite easily. 

{ How do you choose which one to buy?  }

  • Gemstones you are drawn to intuitively 
  • Colors which speak to you 
  • Click on each crystal and see if it's what you need in your life

{ Details}

  • The kit contains: quartz, black tourmaline, snowflake obsidian, smoky quartz, red calcite 
  • White organza bag.
  • Tumbled stones
  • Shapes, sizes, colors and patterns may very slightly. 
  • They are all beautiful!