Ritual Spell Kits (21 Types)

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This is perfect for baby witches and beginners, as a gift for a friend or for yourself when there is a specific intention in mind. 

Everything you need for the ritual will be included, including herbs, candles, charms, bags and detailed step by step instructions. 


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All Ritual Spell Kits come either:
  • Boxed for gifting (see picture) 
  • Or Unboxed for a cheaper option 


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  • Attract Lover - a spell for casting a ritual love spell that will bring all of the love and desire you offer back to you.
  • Attract Soulmate - a spell to find your soulmate through the powerful aid of ritual magic. 
  • Banishinga spell to banish negativity and negative influences from your life, home and self.
  • Centering - a spell to balance your energies and find your center, helping to improve all facets of your life.
  • Empowerment - a spell for feeling empowered and ready to take on anything. 
  • Enhance Your Love Life - a spell to kindle a bit romance in your life.
  • Find Your Place -  a spell to discover your place in the world and discover renewed confidence and personal growth. 
  • Flow Your Life - a spell to discover the ease with which you can maneuver through life’s trials. 
  • Get A Job - a spell that will help tilt your job search a bit more in your favour. 
  • Get What You Want - a spell to help you bring that what you desire into your life.
  • Glamour - a spell to invoke the power of a glamour, or the legendary magick known for being able to help create an aura of appeal or distinction.
  • Healing - a spell to kindle hope in others when they are going through a dark time.
  • Hope - a spell to help you guns a little hope when it seems things are at their worst. 
  • Money Drawing - a spell to work a powerful ritual of money drawing and help bring wealth and prosperity into your life.
  • New Beginnings - clear away the negative energies of the past to create a positive start.
  • Protection - a spell designed for protection. 
  • Releasing - a spell to free you from the vices, burdens, and other weights that bind your spirit. 
  • Return To Sender - a spell intended to aid you in preventing curses and other negative energies by returning those spells back to the ones who cast them.
  • Secret Desire Fulfilled - a spell to aid you in achieving that which you desire most and keep hidden, perhaps even to yourself
  • Vision - a spell to find clarity during meditation or seek greater results from your divination. 
  • Win in Court - a spell to tip the scales of justice in your favor when legal matters loom ahead of you.