Sexual Magic Tarot Mini (Laura Tuan & Mauro De Luca)

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A pocket tarot deck is perfect for travelling - both on a daily basis as it easily tucks into your handbag, or overnight trips in your travel altar. A pocket deck is also great for limited space, or for beginners if you want to get used to a smaller deck. 

This fun mini-edition of the bestselling Sexual Magic Tarot is perfect for on-the-go readings. Small enough to fit in a pocket or a purse, you can carry your deck everywhere. Mini tarot decks also make great gifts and stocking stuffers for tarotists. Whether you are an expert reader or just starting your tarot journey, a tarot mini will be an exciting and practical addition to your collection.


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  •  A 2.4" x 3.6" Box
  • 78 card
  • Comes with instructions.