Spell & Ritual Sachet Powders Jar (4 Types)

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Sachet powders can be used in all sorts of spellwork and ritual. 

{ Use sachet powders for }

  • Spell jars
  • Spell bags
  • Dressing a candle after it has been anointed with oil
  • Sprinkled on floors
  • Used in a ritual bath
  • Used directly on your body (this powder is safe for direct application)
  • Used in conjunction with our 7 Day Candles to amplify the intention


{ Details }

  • 3/4 oz jar


{ Choose between }

  • Come To Me - Used to attract sexual love & bind a lover to you. 
  • Fire of Love - A powerful aid to help ignite the fires of love and bring lust and attraction into your life.
  • High John - A powerful aid within your magical crafts. Can Be very useful for spells of good luck, protection, and prosperity.
  • Love - A powerful aid to draw Love and the fires of passion and romance into your life.