Tanzania / FREYJA (Single Origin Coffee)
Tanzania / FREYJA (Single Origin Coffee)

Tanzania / FREYJA (Single Origin Coffee)

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Our custom made coffee bag featuring the original hand-drawn ink drawing from illustrator Yusuf Özer! 

Our beautiful witch is on her broomstick with her cauldron full of Witches' Brew coffee. She's ready to fly straight to you! 

Don't throw the bag away - cut this artwork out when you finish your coffee, and hang it on your witchy wall. 


Cost includes shipping within the USA. Orders are roasted-to-order and hand packed. Coffee is shipped the same day as roasting for whole beans, and day after roasting for ground coffee.


We named our Tanzania single origin coffee "Freyja", goddess of magic, war, love and beauty.

{ Beans }

A blend of Bourbon & Kent beans from the Mbeya coffee growing region in Tanzania in clay mineral rich soil at an altitude of 1200-1900m. Beans are graded AB

{ Tasting Notes }

pear - floral - jasmine - strawberry

 { Roast} 


{ Coffee Notes } 

Strong aroma, consistent flavor. Grown under the full sun with washed processing that is environmentally friendly. Fully washed and dried on raised beds